In Deep Surrender

The trees uprooted and ever movinga ruddy rougemy dead giveaway.The mud cakes my facea promise to remove blemisheswhile you watch from afarand I crouch at the grave.“Listen to the sun sparkle.”A flame on this stick.I fizzle, barely noticedsending you mixed messages.

Love Wars

Avoidance of pain. I’m realizing how i am trying my hardest not to feel and yet feeling deeply. I’ve let my mind wander. And I’m not sorry at all, to you, for gifting you value. I like being in your space. And i know you’ve told me to go. Not in words but in otherContinue reading “Love Wars”

run away.

Life is washing over me and my reaction muted. In the process of being overwhelmed i have lost a desire to share. Will I find strength to shoot the barrel. Letters locked and loaded. They suffer and land on days grown cold. The intimacy dares to run away. If I stay, will i manage toContinue reading “run away.”

Week in Review: B&W

a path of voicesretrieve the warm clues scatteredyour time approaches I have never stayed with one theme on my blog for very long. This is my third consecutive week to post a “Week in Review: B&W”. Progress? Calm in my chaos? If nothing else, a personal record! 🙂 A week in review. A visit toContinue reading “Week in Review: B&W”

Ive been meaning too.

Sometimes life expects us to make confessionals. My list happens to be growing as I recollect events that I am sorry for. For instance, in the midst of my grief, shortly after learning my brother John had taken his life, I stole a plant. A flowering plant at a local grocery store. The reasoning beingContinue reading “Ive been meaning too.”

Unleashed Thoughts

Church is poetry. Poetry is life. A life well lived. Nothing.Her handsheld out, reachingempty spaces, vacuous trancessilence held in sacred spacemissing. A million trains travel through my head daily. I miss every damn train. I arrive at the depot, out of breath, with frantic nerves from tireless searching, and grief enmeshed between pores. Looking intoContinue reading “Unleashed Thoughts”


Always a man, the little boy picked up his trucks. It most certainly was not his decision. He had rather destroy than keep order. Chaos, a game to play. And nothing was squared away that day. With time, his anger grew loudly inside but politely kept at bay. Inner demons kept vigil, camped around theContinue reading “dilemma “

Green Line Train

life too complex to know whether left or right straight well wait, i think i know the mystery explained to me waiting for the green line train advertising and bright lights taught the learning curve follow the dimensions i heard and still no idea i understood the dynamics of social fitting in while the machineContinue reading “Green Line Train”


I had a conversation with myself this morning. I rambled on and on about what I would do with my day time. I finally decided to sit down at my desk and write. Write out a long, drawn out rehearsal of time passing. When I looked up from the lonely computer screen, you were noContinue reading “Talk”