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out the window

some days my son is so much like his father i want to jump out the window i can leave the man but i cannot abandon the boy some days being a mom is so painful so challenging that i catch myself wishing i’d made different choices fantasizing about a life … — Finish the…

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personal musings unleashed…

I see far too many people who are not thinking… and well i have to turn away and protect my thoughts. composting logic reality forced anger paths burdened with tears My religious views are Work-in-Progress and my political views are Independent. I am a free thinker who will listen and either agree or disagree with…

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time to realize keep to yourself no one really cares birthing embitterment of power, now lost oh! Dear bloggers. You are a world of its own unto me. I appreciate each and every one of you!! You rock my world!! Some of you have been on this journey of mine, and of yours, for years.…

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What the hell?

We all seem to have something bothering us. Takes honey to catch flies. So why are we spitting vinegar? I have my few friends. The loyal ones. Thank you for inquiring. But i plan on disappearing over yonder. There, the sky shines as bright as ever. Forever. If… i were to shut down this blogging,…

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Wide-Open, Eyes Shut

Thursday Doors – Norm 2.0 Fear this wide open space -exists to construct walls add windows and doors to enjoy the view. If life isn’t fragments what is the big picture? tears witness death storms wash me to sea tides say goodbye, evidently.

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devil in the details

all these thoughts pouring down welcome prayers; the slowing of my heart, catching my breath. i remain hidden in a catatonic state realizing opening sin and boxed memories rips the curtains leaving the soul scorched.

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has someone stolen your dance; raped your dreams? scars heal but peel… your ripe and smell of orange. “please, don’t hide”, she speaks to herself, the corner of the room brightening learns to dance in the dark. If you have pitiful days, lying in the bottom of a bottle or wandering in briar forests. If…

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knowing (part four)

you jumped skipped, hopped over eight years gone missing the quiet of forest -misleading as the twisted twigs show the contortion of thought peeled slowly… you had every reason to believe the smile, wink and nod of moonlit glow was your savior unknown. *my photo

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Caladelis Island FL 2017 wave washes ashore abandoned family secrets progress, create more (Day Four White Sands)

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