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Plath and Hughes

Rodin The Eternal Spring Kiss photo @ Chicago Institute of Art 2/2018 I know about Plath nothing hidden from view splayed like chicken bar-b-q What about Hughes? desirious infatuation -too easy burying his discrepancies my own heart boiling caught in the mix the list quite long Jung and Spielrein Claudel and Rodin medicine for seeking…

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Modest Eve

Rodin, Eve @Chicago Institute of Art. 2/2018 Her In All Nakedness of Thought Please do not use my photos without permission. Thank you.

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her in all nakedness of thought

lips on the verge of parting bare throat and burgeoning breast her assiduously known perfection a superficiality token of the artist’s great worth for the raw is valued far less than the sculpted material to be pillaged and looted rather than applauded and curtsied eyelids and nostrils tremble of desire her thoughts naked and shamed.…

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The Hope of a Condemned Man, Joan Miró Life is really all but apologizing, yeah, you found yourself “So what!” they scream. Now apologize. No, your no better -yesterday climb the stairs to nowhere. -He he had but the loveliest of souls. —- “It is the black vein in white marble; it gets everywhere, appears…

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With in and yet with out we are seen. The Chicago Art Institute is showing a special exhibit “Rodin: Sculptor and Storyteller”. The exhibit runs through March 4, 2018. In preparation for my visit, I am reading Bernard Champigneulle’s Rodin. From the first page, the sculptor’s energy is embraced by the negative chisels we encounter.…

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Love’s sorrow

Losing love like rain Thunder claps, lightening strikes Downpours never end. Camille Claudel, The Age of Maturity, 1893-1900 Photo ADAGP©, Paris, 2012 ———- Rodin, abandoned Clay hearts massaged into love Wound’s infinity. Bust of Rodin, 1888-1889 Photo ADAGP©, Paris, 2012  

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