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Santa Fe Doors

No where else in America do i feel so alive as in a Santa Fe Adobe… inside or outside the doors. ancient passages saint’s blue sky of artifacts rune of by-gone days —– deep purple shadows dusty earth inspired stones Pueblo sands friendship —- electric orange sky death exists in dust remains vibrant turquoise stories…

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You tease me with your passion one foot secure. From a distance you lull me a bridle to procure. Still, enchant me I will walk in the dark falter in your allure.

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i think i know why (now)

I really knew before I came for the first time last year that Santa Fe is magical.  So magical that many eventually return and adopt and settle in a place that once was set apart for leisure.  I am soaking it all up in 12 days.  And twelve days seems long to be alive in…

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design (masks)

Writing is both mask and unveiling. –E. B. White Which mask would you pick? I discovered the mask I wear. Hiding is a return to our roots, a discovery of who we are without allowing negative interference as we explore the world. The mask can be worn as an anchor to keep us grounded. As…

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Changes, as the clouds form, growing on the horizon. Beautifully sculptured dreams, hearts and minds, bringing shade, shelter and scents. Showers cleanse our pain. (Dream 8/20/2016 wrote @3:00am) I literally found a hummingbird trapped in the screen porch this morning. I am not sure how he managed to enter this space. Hummingbirds have been messengers…

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Santa Fe “gifts” debriefing 

Well that’s just great!! Drafts I had put on stand-by, have posted. Grrrr!  Now I am shamed, having gone through a week of criticism of my writing by accomplished poets, poet critics and painters. Oh well…no excuses.  I returned from The GLEN retreat Sunday and it is Saturday.  The days in Santa Fe were amazing!…

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Good morning from Santa Fe

My heart belongs somewhere in New Mexico or Arizona. Everything changes and rearranges inside my head when I see the mountains, desert, architecture, colors, lifestyle… I will be awol for the next week but will return to read your blogs. Oh! I know I will have a lot to read and catch up to real…

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Santa Fe, New Mexico

Everyone is talking about bucket lists and I only have a few desires I absolutely have to accomplish. Visit Santa Fe, New Mexico. See a moose. See a roadrunner. (I did see a Saguaro cactus in 2013 so that is fulfilled.) Publish a poem (blush). Finish composing letters to my three children. This summer I…

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