Santa Fe Doors

No where else in America do i feel so alive as in a Santa Fe Adobe… inside or outside the doors.

ancient passages

saint’s blue sky of artifacts

rune of by-gone days


deep purple shadows

dusty earth inspired stones

Pueblo sands friendship


electric orange sky

death exists in dust remains

vibrant turquoise stories


earth’s ancient colors

umber, ochre, copper, gold

smoky winds retold

i think i know why (now)

I really knew before I came for the first time last year that Santa Fe is magical.  So magical that many eventually return and adopt and settle in a place that once was set apart for leisure.  I am soaking it all up in 12 days.  And twelve days seems long to be alive in Santa Fe but really not enough time… but it will do.

Yesterday was a walk along Canyon Road and to see it properly would take at least two days.  The galleries are absolutely amazing.  My favorite I saw yesterday was Gregory Lomayesva  a Hopi/Hispanic painter and folk artist.  His works have been at the Smithsonian in Washington D.C and Heard Museum in Phoenix as well as displayed in over 30 other countries (and may very well be there today).

I am now a proud owner of a piece of his folk art which is lovingly packaged in bubble wrap for safe travels so I will post a picture at a later date.  Here are a few other pieces I did not purchase but would certainly love to give a home.

Hopi Princess


design (masks)

Writing is both mask and unveiling. –E. B. White

Which mask would you pick? I discovered the mask I wear.

Hiding is a return to our roots, a discovery of who we are without allowing negative interference as we explore the world. The mask can be worn as an anchor to keep us grounded.

As a kite without wind, i was not ready to fly.

Yesterday, I stood in a field
experienced the openness
the freedom a kite on a string experiences
knowing he is reeled back
not to be loved but put into a corner -wait for day
reveal his true color.

I love to watch kites. It serves as inspiration, to run to the heights.  In my words you catch a glimpse and only know me, from what i choose to share. I sometimes regret that I took (take) off my mask. Is it for you to know me? Why should you care?

Sometimes i rather think nothing of myself. Do i need to bleed more, with apology, that i even exist? Am I waiting for you to extol me, fill up my core with something missing?  What is missing?  Such somber thoughts.

Do you realize monsters fear life?

More than likely, my empty words are not done spilling. Like a kite with no wind, they wait. Should i keep them in the corner or let them go, fulfill desire? Each word extracted till but a wind exists.


Changes, as the clouds form,
growing on the horizon.
Beautifully sculptured dreams,
hearts and minds,
bringing shade, shelter and scents.
Showers cleanse our pain.
(Dream 8/20/2016 wrote @3:00am)

I literally found a hummingbird trapped in the screen porch this morning. I am not sure how he managed to enter this space. Hummingbirds have been messengers of mine since 2004 when changes of forgiveness and strength entered my life. These small creatures are a marvel of nature and signify courageous joy. I count this a true prophetic blessing from God, ministering to a weary heart.

Daily, while I was in Santa Fe, hummingbirds swirled around my head. I prayed for a chance to photograph their beauty. Finally, as I was saying farewell, a hummingbird bid me safe travels and my longing  came true. (You can see him along the white fence towards the right.)

Santa Fe Blessing

I pray you are blessed as believers in the power of love and peace.
Peace as only God gives. J

A joyful heart is good medicine, but depression drains one’s strength.
Proverbs 17:22

I often think of my brother’s suicide. It pains me to know he is gone. My life is a series of serious traumas but God holds me in His right hand and shelters me in the storm. Be well.

Santa Fe “gifts” debriefing 

Well that’s just great!! Drafts I had put on stand-by, have posted. Grrrr!  Now I am shamed, having gone through a week of criticism of my writing by accomplished poets, poet critics and painters.

Oh well…no excuses. 

I returned from The GLEN retreat Sunday and it is Saturday.  The days in Santa Fe were amazing! Claude Wilkinson was an excellent workshop leader. The poetry readings by Li-Young Lee and Wilkinson were outstanding. Malcom Guite was the highlight! 

Today, I remain standing upon the Sangre de Cristo Mountains to consider scores of post-retreat questions. I leaf through the workshop leader’s notes on my poems, participant comments, consider reading the suggested book “Western Wind – An Introduction to Poetry” by John Frederick Nims and breathe in the much needed anointing, for strength of spirit.

Clearly pivotal moments define us. Santa Fe has blessed me with an arm full of books, new friends and many inspiring photographs. Now to see if my labors produce good fruit. 

Happy writing, Jeanne

Good morning from Santa Fe

two baby jack rabbits greet me to Santa Fe
gates/doors/fences and windows
San Miguel, oldest US church

My heart belongs somewhere in New Mexico or Arizona. Everything changes and rearranges inside my head when I see the mountains, desert, architecture, colors, lifestyle…

I will be awol for the next week but will return to read your blogs. Oh! I know I will have a lot to read and catch up to real time. For now, I am lost in a dream!

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Everyone is talking about bucket lists and I only have a few desires I absolutely have to accomplish.

  1. Visit Santa Fe, New Mexico.
  2. See a moose.
  3. See a roadrunner. (I did see a Saguaro cactus in 2013 so that is fulfilled.)
  4. Publish a poem (blush).
  5. Finish composing letters to my three children.

This summer I will be able to check off #1. I feel worthy enough to attend a poetry workshop with Claude Wilkinson at ( at the Glen Retreat ( sponsored by Image Journal (  The fact that it is being held in Santa Fe is a bucket list dream fulfilled.

A goal of mine, while attending this event, will be to soak in the atmosphere of Santa Fe. Besides Paris, it is the ultimate personal inspiration. The vibrant color, the smell of chilies, the regional architecture, the expansive views, the history and culture of a people, the sound of festivals and bustling markets and the leisurely evening stroll down a decorated sidewalk of light.

There will be no rush here. Only time memorialized for future blog postings. I cannot forget to bring my Nikon 5500.