Natural Beauty

Ooh la la!  My garden is more than eye sex.  The extracted essential oils of my Lilacs, Lavender, Rosemary, Roses and Peppermint  perfume the natural beauty products produced at home.  I had yet to make chlorophyll and yesterday I did.  Well, I started the process as it takes several days and if I continue toContinue reading “Natural Beauty”

How can we know?

with fear and trembling destiny’s road perishes with courage the horizon comes to light A problem exists in the edgy faction modern science and religion wage. The two disagree, most vehemently. Doubt about spiritual meaning exists in a scientific quest for knowledge and blind obedience to religion is dangerous. Warrior thinkers remain vigilant to answerContinue reading “How can we know?”

divergent roads

divergent roads embarked upon timeless food for thought wherever our feet land in a pile of words expanding beyond our space and time no boundaries persist A behind-the-scenes look at what prompted my thoughts this morning. My oldest daughter lives in Cambridge, MA, near Harvard Square, and casually walked past Steven Hawkings a few daysContinue reading “divergent roads”