Tag: Scituate MA

Going through the motions

When your heart lacks love for today a mere shadow, chasing the sun away close the curtains ban the songs people got in your way. I remember a time -certainly now, not to be high perhaps it was last night the outline of a face traced in the dust, aroused. You wait for your ship…

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Waxing Moon

My mind is a jumbled mess. I tripped and fell, on a flat surface, after carousing jagged rocks along the Atlantic shoreline. Now I am without my camera lens. Fortunately, the camera is working. Me, not so much. There is an inner arousal that is not easily calmed. all my breath saved in each embrace…

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Oh!! Wake ocean waves!! Alive!! to the violent and calm. God crashes into me. The veil rips open and through past and present storm. The gulls whisper “Be still! Believe heart!” And I let their cry echo the day.

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