Cee’s FOTD Photo Challenge Bluet What delight Spring brings on the heels of a never-ending bleakness buried in snow. Before the grass grows tall, the shoots of violets, bluets, and trout lily dance atop the forest floor. Before the grand tree canopies, the floral bouquet is gathered to adore. After we succumb to woodland fragrance,Continue reading “FOTD—Bluets”

The Poet’s House – Spring

Translucence follows suit of gray doves -gone. Hope circles, in the sky orbit sharp green blades that lie low in soil, kneaded with nimble thoughts to sprout joy. It is not spring in Massachusetts. It is spring in Jeanne’s attic, where all such things are stored.


winter, winter, winter she begrudgingly asks “who is winter?” me and everyone. cold, stark, unwelcoming spring waits for no one. I lie here frozen. The wheel moves my mind. The thaw penetrable by spring’s innocence. i pray to pass up summer’s heat sweltering, the shame of fall. autumn brisk. laughing leaves pile high, hiding tearsContinue reading “winter”