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Did you come?

Flicker 4/20/2020

Can anyone hear the lark sing
I wonder. The rain knows
the words that twirl
to form the song
inside this vacant heart. You
removed all the furniture

placed into another room
wallpapered with old paintings. Never
knowing which was your color
i painted the reds of maple blooms
spring leaves only a few days old

they held no shape for us to know
how these days would go. And
now they bleed into years
of birthdays spent walled between plexiglass.
Yesterday’s reflection lied

as eyes peered to watch a head linger
a long pause …
the window hurts from all the noise
it rattles from my fist
poised to strike against me.

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My Promise Garden

There exists a place
where grace imparts
a smile on every face.

Where flowers bloom
and chicks do roam
and honeybees buzz about.

The woods they speak
of you and me
we set a spot of tea.

The wild creatures
come and romp
dance so gaily.

And in the end
our heads will root
between the dappled sun.

I am always grateful the days depression departs my soul. Today I feel free… How are you? 🙏🏼💙🌊

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Weathered Grace

every day she's a poem 
to be loved
her dance
his very words written down.

and with a bowl of soup
ladled by his hands
he sat to write a song
in his empty room, alone
to find his tears collide
with every roaming cloud.
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Course: Dead End

All she yearned for was free
except herself.
Unequivocal sinking.

fight the feeling 
dug 'n deep
all consuming news
respects nothing that matters

her once stitched heart
embroidered joy
around the fireplace
now vacant stares shadow eden

a cornered life
man seeks plagues
against minds hanging by threads
creation suffers exhaustion

a world unhinged
I long to relieve my mind's weariness and spiritual turmoil. And when i wake up i hope this has all been a bad dream.

I don’t want to dream a better world. I want to be a better person. I was on that road and soon enough a barrier was erected. Don’t talk or touch another person.