deja vu.

Quotes: Invited by GuyorBloke Day One. I have been here before. All change demands energy. To recharge, we need to step away and consider the future. “Why this way?” i repeatedly asked out loud. Of course, as life has proven, no voice replies when needed the most. Alone in that empty room, I silently posed. IContinue reading “deja vu.”

Run away

Lots of thoughts in my head today and I need to get them out. Times are changing this is true we call it progress a lot to chew we disband tradition for the sake of growth but trees grow regardless of their neighbor’s choke so why are we screaming in the streets we didn’t careContinue reading “Run away”

just a few words…

For such a quiet person, I write a lot. This simple sentence is me in a nutshell. Although i don a cracked exterior, which has let in too much world. Now i exist as warped. A walking, wounded soldier, who has witnessed too much pain. In turn, i turned crass. I am working on thatContinue reading “just a few words…”