As if!! (wanderlust)

I don’t need all the anger from either side… so i go my own way. As I dally along, I feel their hot air suffocate my pores. Melt my peace. My mind is more twisted than my intestines these days. So I find a cool place in the shade and breathe out the bullshit andContinue reading “As if!! (wanderlust)”

The Ark Of Sanity

A reason to read (and reread) WP. If i needed a reason. Hell no, no need for reason when reading Ray. Just read. The Ark Of Sanity — Read on

Japanese Garden

with fear and trembling destiny’s road perishes with courage the horizon comes to light Work out your own salvation. Do not depend on others. -Buddha Adler’s psychological theory upholds the individual as the sole creator of oneself. This sentiment goes against every spiritual thought of mine. Our salvation cannot solely be fought alone. I agreeContinue reading “Japanese Garden”


Remember? The charming blue dots sprinkling the craggy shores of Maine, adventure atop the rolling ocean waves. Peer down, notice the five-star fingers of peaceful dreams unknown. Synchronicity fathoms space and time. Coincidences are spiritual puns.  –G.K. Chesterton (1874 – 1936) *originally written and appeared 1/7/2017

Paths (meaning)

In fear and trembling, destiny’s road perishes. With courage, horizons come to light. As we search to find meaning in life, we look high, explore the farthest destination, the brightest North Star. When we can love ourselves, without apology, we gain strength to give away what we find. And she danced upon the head ofContinue reading “Paths (meaning)”

To Where?

Devastation Have I disappointed my parents who took me to church on Sundays? Is it possible for spiritual devastation, if they reside in heaven, hear my questions and read my thoughts, God’s mighty hand striking my soul dead? Will I ever see them again? My parents were not truly believers in the sense of commitmentContinue reading “To Where?”

How can we know?

with fear and trembling destiny’s road perishes with courage the horizon comes to light A problem exists in the edgy faction modern science and religion wage. The two disagree, most vehemently. Doubt about spiritual meaning exists in a scientific quest for knowledge and blind obedience to religion is dangerous. Warrior thinkers remain vigilant to answerContinue reading “How can we know?”

Taste of Tibet

Church is poetry. Poetry is life. A life well lived. sometimes, in the midst of passing through, we miss the details. the lines we color between enlarge as we learn to see. Since my son attends Indiana University, we visit Bloomington often and sample varied ethnic restaurants, while he appreciates a free meal. Our latestContinue reading “Taste of Tibet”