More than ordinary

all this blue-sits indoors-meaning to hide-the brighter doors…lift your eyes-another soul resides-smiles, says hi.

Norm’s Doors 2.0

Leaving too soon

I had hoped to move downtown Indianapolis during the summer, particularly in the Fletcher Place Neighborhood. Those plans have changed and we are looking elsewhere due to unexpected developments. I am busily packing my life away. A soul on hiatus. I am going to miss this Fletcher Place.

I am spending as much time as possible, over the next few months, to capture as much of Fletcher Place’s essence as humanly possible. Soon it will be a ghostly voice speaking to me.

What does love hold?

Historic Fletcher Place Neighborhood Indianapolis

Loving others will never be enough. We expect too much. Expectations are never satisfied by love alone, especially when our thoughts are misaligned and our heart sick with disease.

I have my values. I will listen to yours. I will fight for mine. Quietly find beauty in the impossible. Like seeing you again, despite our differences.

Street life


If you are ever in the River West neighborhood visit Windy City Cafe at the corner of Milwaukee Ave and May Street.  The food is absolutely phenomenal.  Their biscuits and gravy with fried chicken, fruit plate and banana nut bread french toast….oh my.  I am positive anything on their menu is worth trying.  Happy travels, J

Sacred sayings

Indianapolis 2016

Sacred sayings or desecration
i cant say i understand
parking garage art
pictures and words

888 and valuing 7, 5, 3… 2
existing meaning, a vacuum
SLAM! ready for blast off
rocket into space and time.