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Shadow Dancing

Can you see in the shadows?
beyond the realm of sight
exists another world
void of pain and full of pain

and scars that mask
the terror
Can you see the elongated people?

looking larger than life
reaching for the peak

of perfection having made

it to the top
only to fall down…

do not be surprised
if I suddenly

rising from the ashes
Can you see?
diamonds in the sunlight

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Guess who’s coming to dinner?

A gardener is always elated to find a toad in the garden.

What fun it would be to have a toad cam. Sitting around the dining room table, the family discussed the possibilities of doing such a thing. We probably will not be able to, since I wanted to put the camera on the toad, and not just set up a camera to watch the toad. Googling such an adventure, there were a few sites that had recorded toads, but found nothing like what I had proposed. It sure would be fun and interesting.

I have witnessed a toad eat a worm. The worm was fairly large and the toad sucked it in like spaghetti. Swwwwwipppppp! and the worm was no more! I am not too happy about toads eating the worms in my yard, although I have plenty of them. I just would rather I saw Mr. Toad eating the mosquitos, ants or japanese beetles.

Which brings me to the horror of watching a spider eat a butterfly. This happened just yesterday, shortly after taking this fellow’s picture. I saw the dangling Painted Lady, caught in a Wolf Spider’s web, and tried to rescue it before the spider found dinner. Wh@t!  I was too late. Dinner was served!

“Poetry is the art of creating imaginary gardens with real toads.”
Marianne Moore  (American Poet, 1887-1972)

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Spring comes to life
As the sun moves closer
The heat breaks the dormant
And the dormant break free

Wind brings cooling breezes
As the heat burns
The sprouting leaves wither
And the withering leaves sprout