Hate on me… i lied

What am i doing here this morning? Did i not say i was gone from WP? Well a thought entered my head after reading a post in a closed group i belong to on FB… and decided to share here as well. So, what is the group? Survivors of Suicide. A group i did notContinue reading “Hate on me… i lied”

phoenix street

wrote it now own the words “stinging nettles” popcorn, chips no escape writhing grapes glowing flames pardon me hold on wash away this grin funny spill easy swipe to wipe pain away hoping still you catch a wave to ride reach high brave sky then crash… burn hotter smoke longer grow stronger pardon me iContinue reading “phoenix street”

storm to safety

winding up to blow over everyone and everything that stands in my way… i sense no path -forward or backward isolated in a forest with overgrown fears closing in surrounding my feet i change my mind -escape and morph into another hiding once more an invisible ticket expired and worn barely readable the conductor putsContinue reading “storm to safety”

personal musings unleashed…

I see far too many people who are not thinking… and well i have to turn away and protect my thoughts. composting logic reality forced anger paths burdened with tears My religious views are Work-in-Progress and my political views are Independent. I am a free thinker who will listen and either agree or disagree withContinue reading “personal musings unleashed…”

Foo Fighters (just making sense)

“It’s YOUR VOICE. Cherish it. Respect it. Nurture it. Challenge it. Stretch it and scream until it’s fucking gone because everyone is blessed with at least that, and who knows how long it will last.” –David Groh

personal musings unleashed

We really do not know each other, do we? Years were spent cultivating all these hateful thoughts. Up until today, all that is wrong with life, seemed to be my fault. I easily accepted blame and never fought the day my mom banished me from their life. I was not the daughter she wanted andContinue reading “personal musings unleashed”

death wish (suicide lies)

guilt drives staggered bones the edge becomes a point to ponder what matters beyond his farewell unannounced -death arrived luring me closer take the plunge you can thank me later

A quality insight from Mrs. Fish

— Read on danielpaulmarshall.com/2018/06/10/a-quality-insight-from-mrs-fish/ There are always as many layers in each piece written by Daniel Paul Marshall as there are to our individual psyches. I have learned, from past experience, we decide to dig when all of life fails. Most assuredly when we struggle in amazement, “How did we end up here?” This struggle’sContinue reading “A quality insight from Mrs. Fish”

wayward be

Who the hell knows if i will be here… today, tomorrow or any other day. If i am, hope your near by. If not, i will find my way… forward. Always have… been a survivor. Even of my own thoughts to die. Withholding food to starve my heartache. Suffocation, in moments, while i prayed forContinue reading “wayward be”