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not wanting anymore i am running away trashing the pain today watching it ooze under our rattling bones spoke louder than thunder the lightening bolts you choose hardly lit my way as i sank to your biting words remember the disfigured my only beating happened to the tock of your watch

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Steff: Andie, you’re a bitch. (From “Pretty in Pink”)Bitchin’ Now and only now, after all this time I understand how the other half of the world lives. Do I remember what it was like at the peak of my depression? Or my inability to leave the house ravished by anxiety? Barely. How fitting to turn…

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Second time around

Chewing on Glass has done it again. What? Drug a deeply buried nugget inside me, up to the surface, in order for me to see the light! I am opening up the curtains!!! The difficulty will be to keep them open. I will try to remember nothing (good?) grows in the dark, unwatered and starved.…

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Afraid to let you go i twine the words of complicated grief there was no goodbye never another hello and then i made it worse opened myself wide displayed before savage eyes killed myself slowly with little pride to show flames shooting higher than ever thought possible i sold my soul to the devil who…

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I became trapped in my own selfish misery. I once held onto hope. Positioned as a shiny metal object, glistening in the sun, it promised better days. I prayed to it. Ran my fingers over the smooth surface. Worshiped the image broadcast back to my heart. I learned that day about rust as tears flowed.…

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My Monhegan

I am currently working on a painting My Monhegan, an island off the coast of Maine. Monhegan is a place that encompasses 95% of my spiritual thought while a mere 3 days and 2 nights were physically spent there. It amazes how much an impact the place had on me. A healing calm took me…

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depression leaves behind wasteland -where no one wants to be around the burning house water scarce, the world parched. reach inside those remaining bones burnt answers -hidden visions gone awry buried by hands of a savior. Oh! how i need him now. Who pleases me as i answer to the wrong world you wrapped around…

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Crow Caw

Church is poetry. Poetry is life. A life well lived. Your silhouette -mine snow flutters upon the earth We stand our umbilical cord severed as God turns His head I ran away to never look back and you got lost along the way our whiter than snow -bled.

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