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And now to answer your questions…

Cat, dog or other?
Cats for freedom, dogs for the companionship with no strings attached. 😘

Would you prefer a big than average house or a smaller than average house?
Small is key. I love the feel of outside space but my heart needs security.

City or country?
No fair! I have a little of each in me but if I was forced to choose…

If you could have been born 50 years earlier would you trade and go back?
No. Never. Why would I?

What do you consider your best feature?
My heart and head. My parents made me feel it a curse to care, fearing I would be hurt.  I lived a cloistered life and I still harbor fears but I am adventuring outward, towards an unknown future.  The need to be sheltered and private may be my personality but my parents clipped my wings, leaving the dancer inside dead.  I slowly am finding out who this “I” is.  I believe she loves life and her desire to die a passing thought.

Do you hold any grudges at this moment?
I forgive and find myself hurt over and over by the same people.  The pain and damage recurring.  I desire freedom of past transgressions.  My philosophy: The harbored soul keeps the sun at bay and I desire to touch a heart regardless the burn.

What has been the happiest moment of your life thus far?

If you must work, what is your dream job?
Archeological discoveries are fascinating.  So if I could choose I would say archeology.

Do you have a particular recurring nightmare?
Not a nightmare per se but a puzzle I’m trying to solve and it takes up a lot of my time. Time spent in my head.

What is your best advice for someone under 20?
Wow! Do it! Be it! Free it!

So with that I would like to acknowledge two bloggers that always make me feel visible.  Emotions of Life and Verse In Emotion.  If you want to share A favorite song?  A favorite poet?  Your personal philosophy?  please do.  Or any of The Six Foot Bonsai’s questions.  🙂

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