Is writing only to publish a book?

some of my felted pieces —– So I abandoned my writing here on WP in order to pursue other creative expressions. Guess I was kinda bored with words. But not entirely restless. I dabbled for a bit in paint, wool felt, collage and learning the piano. None and all pursuits satisfied. I also took shelterContinue reading “Is writing only to publish a book?”

Going to get all crazy on WP

9:10 am (Eastern time) Reading over Facebook Memories, lol 😝 and noticed a post from February 10, 2012. Sometimes Facebook can be a blessing. Yes? 9:19 am (Eastern time) Share past post and wrote an epilogue: Not sure I ever finished these thoughts on RISK… funny how my mom continually told me i was aContinue reading “Going to get all crazy on WP”