I never felt so lostas all the seas are twistingthe souls forever dauntingamongst the tangled weedsperceived to be my bed.Instead, I find my feet danglingatop a sailor’s head and all because I have no love left to pretend.The seas had been emptiedto drown the crowded sorrowsand all the earth has driedto crumbling bone. Crushed!That isContinue reading “Escape”

premeditated murder

you will speak when spoken to hollow tin cans washed and stored for emergency calls the sacred wonder to be visible behind the jellyfish spine i spoke you heard no sound soap scum lines the rim of my mind careless words left caressing sores better left behind lies all of them left you before iContinue reading “premeditated murder”


Time, a trusted friend, teaches those mourning, to question and speak out loud. Over and over, Time welcomes Guilt, Anger, and Despair. Yet, suicide survivors cannot begin to understand… how will peace ever exist in this chaos? Just one word, thought or picture, sends us in a spiral. Those days become wrapped in Sorrow. ThenContinue reading “relief.”

seeking a writing partner(s)

Do you like writing with others? Need a sounding board? Want to polish your works “before” you release them to the eyes who read your blog? (i am guilty of publishing everything and anything and need discipline.) Then I encourage you to contact me because i am searching for such a person or persons.Continue reading “seeking a writing partner(s)”

My Feathered Heart

Jeanne’s GoodReads Review Please feel free to add me to your Goodreads’s friend’s list. 😁🕊🎶 My Feathered Heart (original poem) My review of The Feathered Heart by Mark Turcotte. I once found a teeny-tiny downy woodpecker feather. At most, the feather measured one inch (2.54 cm) in length. My guess as to the year foundContinue reading “My Feathered Heart”

Still Life

Still Life (Fish with Red Bowl) 1923-24 Salvador Dali I’m quiet. Sorry sitting here contemplating the mass of mail -stacked knee-high and wearing wader boots slipping off -the rainbow trout loves the May fly and a rocky river bottom you blossom. I promise to tie loose ends -taut paint beginnings bought a pair of boots scaledContinue reading “Still Life”