“The more I write, the more the silence seems to be eating away at me.”  — Anne Sexton

Quiet rambles on
a stupor follows me -around
the corner grocer
stands tall -ready
to pack the anger
in a box to store,
a book of sorts.

Those men
standing there,
talking of wrinkles
my car windows rolled down,
i could have hollered -instead
the quiet wind rushing in
cleansing my head of dollars spent.

Stuck at a train crossing to nowhere and I have somewhere to be. Good time to write. 2.8.2017

Happy Birthday Mr. King

January 15, 1929

Martin Luther King was born in Atlanta, Georgia during an era of mistrust between brothers and sisters, each holding long-standing beliefs of there being more difference than similarities among us. As I understand, tears are tears and smiles are smiles.

Everyone questions their purpose when they know their worth. Mr. King fought for his fellow pilgrims facing injustice. He accomplished first steps toward unity yet today some emphasize differences more than reality. 

To accomplish justice we can first focus on the simple things of life then tackle world views. We may never agree in ideology but we can come together and I believe and share Mr. King’s dream.

August 28, 1963

So, Lincoln and King
fought the same thing
rule and will,
power’s thrill
to watch blood spill in vain.

April 15, 1865

Lincoln was assassinated fighting for and enjoying life. He faced adversity with courage and might. So too King.

April 4, 1968. 

History remembered never repeats out of respect for the noble fight. We can join these heroes by learning to understand what humanity means and uphold all men and women as created equal. There is someone in everyone’s life who needs a helping hand.