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Norm 2.0 Thursday Doors

A door post… Since it has been a while and being the door pictures are backing up my phone memory… i will release a few from my time in Massachusetts… so far! Bartlett NH storefront. A piece of America’s rural past Newburyport MA door is closed… open on weekends Plum Island Beach MA Do Not…

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Boston Gardens

Look who was nesting in the gardens… pushing forward time elegant pair, beautiful united as one waiting patiently mother and father exist cignets chipping shells

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Summer is coming

Summers are hot and humid in the plains of southern India. It’s a tough season. We sweat, like incompetent lawyers, the moment we step outside our front doors. We feel dehydrated every few minutes. The tar on the road angrily gleams, barbecuing the soles of our feet. Suddenly, the sun assumes that we are all…

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Santa Fe, New Mexico

Everyone is talking about bucket lists and I only have a few desires I absolutely have to accomplish. Visit Santa Fe, New Mexico. See a moose. See a roadrunner. (I did see a Saguaro cactus in 2013 so that is fulfilled.) Publish a poem (blush). Finish composing letters to my three children. This summer I…

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The then small, insignificant step toward the giant leap in understanding man. That was the path she beckoned. It curved away from the light and fear began to well up inside. Depression crippled. Anxiety followed. Still she danced through the bramble, not absent of pain, but carried by will. She recognized the same dilemmas that…

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