Thoughts: They Come

There are pieces of me shedding away from dust we come dust disarray. The world a bowl of fruit of mind decay while heart songs remain to be sung everyday. My desire is every person comprehend and realize we are ever evolving in our understanding of self. From the beginning, our quest is a timeContinue reading “Thoughts: They Come”

Drum Circle

A new experience presented itself within a community to celebrate positive energy. This was most of the group’s first time being together. The hour started with rhythmic drum beats mimicking the heart’s life force. There were 15 of us, each with a drum and another percussion instrument. This video is the third of four sets,Continue reading “Drum Circle”

My Monhegan

* Oh! to find relaxation. Get lost amidst the Monhegan sea air. I once honored the rapt attention of the island’s evening. Witnessed the homeward gulls, floating above. Shhhh! i warned them. I desired the whispered stories unfolding below the ocean waves. I witnessed their goodbyes descend upon my eyes. Their limelight emitted farewell andContinue reading “My Monhegan”

eyes have seen the light

eyes have seen the light, charcoal, 2015 (original photographed and edited) paths to follow exertion against blindness she chose resistance and solitude forged her way into realities unknown wandered in landscapes lit by strangers kindness too great to let go

living on the edge not quite anorexic not quite dead years followed like yellow-fin tuna migrating with dolphin caught in the same trap i looked for the silver-lining the glimmer in someone’s eye all the same false talking points “hang on, it will be better -tomorrow all these tears will dry…” while you swim againstContinue reading