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Pointed Remarks

These caustic responses (above), to comments I left on a fellow blogger’s post, whereby he criticizes imaginative intelligence of the unseen, demonstrates how easily people take social interaction to extreme levels of violence. The remarks I made to his post obviously hit a sore place in his psyche.

A few years ago I might not have recovered from such expressive vitriol. Today, it washes off my wagging back. No need for a towel to sop up the blood. Yes! I am absolutely free from caring what people desire me to believe. My soul has reached a pinnacle of revelation I had only dreamed possible.

My first remark, on his post, was meant to let some fresh air in the room. As I am a lover of nature, and the experience of wind blowing in the face and the spirit lifted to mountain heights, is like no other.  My comment read, “Blah! True or not, scientifically I’m bored by all the back and forth. Grab your knapsack and a take a hike. Knowledge is costly and freedom a rarity.”  My intention was to lighten the heavy dinner course he served. Perhaps a salad is essential to digest every meal. Or to enjoy a lemon tiramisu, after a brick is dropped on one’s head, brings happiness to the heart.

Now, obviously by his reply, he took my words true to heart and bit back with vampire vengeance. Obstructing justice, he took his brain out to lunch and fed it crap. The physical world indeed loves death of all kinds.

To counterpoint my own venom, I wonder if I deserve the wrath to the playful dessert I offered? To listen to him, one would think heaven forbids one to contemplate perceptive wisdom. Dreamers are never welcomed by skeptics of paradox.


On a softer, gentler note, there is no greater animal of regal posture than a lumbering moose. And before anyone spouts nonsense against my smitten friend, remove yourself promptly. Unless, of course, one is dressed in proper decor and fitting well. Your smile is always welcome. And a wink on occasion is simply divine!

Now, let the world turn another day. Let no rain cloud block your sunny face. Smile.