Save your life before someone takes it

In fear and trembling, destiny’s road perishes. With courage, horizons come to light. Buddhism makes sense if life was as easy as smiling at the future. I strive for a personal peace (which i mostly acquired) making sense of “adult” ideas and ideals, finding myself buried under people’s wants and wishes. The partnership of thoseContinue reading “Save your life before someone takes it”

The Mix-up

How does a man with amazing talent go unnoticed?   Van Gogh is nothing but amazing.  It begs the question why so many rejected him during his life and his work denied success.  Unfortunately, he lives on as a champion after his death. Once upon a time -hope cloaked the heart as blackness swooped the earthContinue reading “The Mix-up”

Want to know?

Share Your World…small as it may be. Ever run out of gas in your vehicle?Twice. True stories. I am grateful nothing of this magnitude has happened since 1998. The first time (1987) I was “running out” of gas. I was driving home to Wisconsin, heading south on Hwy 94 from Ann Arbor, Michigan. I wasContinue reading “Want to know?”

Tree trunks in the grass

Visited the Cincinnati Museum of Art, 11/04/2016, to see the exhibit “Van Gogh, Undergrowth”. This painting was on display, and although no photography was allowed, i found an image online. To see this painting up close extraordinaire.  Van Gogh’s work is sensual. A sexual encounter. This painting a new favorite. The favorite. One to immerseContinue reading “Tree trunks in the grass”


What segment of man is found in those shoes? The tired thoughts seeping out of this sea man’s slicker, The eyebrow rises in disbelief. The fish he battled, has won. Into the smoke he yearns to hide. His coffee warms him, riding the storm. Tomorrow is another day and he won’t run from the sun.