Moth Wings

My eyes flicker in the light.I venture closerto find you quiverpencil lines draw a smilewhere my lips once drew life.A beam shines behind youme dressed in blue.We watch our dance in front of a doorhinged by crafted ironwhile shoes fit for horsesdon our feet. We gallop offto find refuge in silk threadsand pray our faithContinue reading “Moth Wings”

Love Wars

Avoidance of pain. I’m realizing how i am trying my hardest not to feel and yet feeling deeply. I’ve let my mind wander. And I’m not sorry at all, to you, for gifting you value. I like being in your space. And i know you’ve told me to go. Not in words but in otherContinue reading “Love Wars”

Thursday Doors (Open or Shut)

The heart is the door to your soul. What doors do you require to walk through, to understand yourself? Your neighbor’s door? Your back door? A stranger’s door? Jesus said, ‘I am the door’ (John 10:7) in order to make it clear that no one can come to the Father except through Him.  The churchContinue reading “Thursday Doors (Open or Shut)”

Pink Moon (Dreamers)

i fell asleep before you woke to hear me tell you (what we would do together) or rather explain who is responsible the walls shifting. thought i felt the rough night surface stretch us slipping down down down to find us lying on the ground where we planned to meet the pick up turned aroundContinue reading “Pink Moon (Dreamers)”

Here’s looking at you kid.

How many times have I watched Casablanca without catching the interweaving of espionage and intrigue with undying romance? Too many. I actually thought, until this latest viewing, that Ilsa Lund left on the plane to America, alone. Never realized she was married and her man was fighting valiantly behind-the-scenes. I was so focused on theContinue reading “Here’s looking at you kid.”


Church is poetry. Poetry is life. A life well lived. I haven’t given up gathering resolutions. I have relinquished a resounding voice; moving on to disturb the mystery, in hopes the Spirit rises to meet us half way.  Silence is a remedy. A modern day deserted course that digs deep to uproot bitter taste andContinue reading “Confession”