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he says not your friend but he cannot fathom the depth of his words carved on stone “goodbye” my weakest point and i tremble at being alone even in my happiness tears well knowing he is gone —– I sincerely hope he finds what he is seeking. What he believes he needs. 😚😇

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share your smile let your voice carry in silence, your whisper burns in to my heart i bury my life with you saw the sun shine through the winds… feel them blow around us and we twirl twirl until our wings no longer fly… certainly no poem is ever finished… at least not until i…

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the feast laid out come to greet ripened buds -juicy tittering calls our quivering passion rests upon my mind time may hold me changes enfold the dress a dance to be consumed venture further let nothing hold back a rose’s fellow swoon

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ego trip

i have dirty little secrets tucked away revolting wanting air unsatisfied behind closed doors words no deeds bored in here waiting for fame they clamor climbing higher shake me off! and disappear

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not sleepy

Church is poetry. Poetry is life. A life well lived. Haven’t thought much lately. At least nothing too deep. It is 4:09 am. Our apartment is quiet. The apartment above us is quiet. No footsteps creaking or baby crying. The curry smells from next door are tamed. Our dinner dishes are washed and a week’s…

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Songs on repeat…

Discovered The Avett Brothers with this song… and now love sparkles through out side streets not so lonely which led to this song… is your day starting on a different note with whiskey and rye abandoned love swirling ice will senseless violence ensue? a good day to listen to music The Avett Brothers instrumental to…

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want me mutable losing you the gurgling water sucks your voice dry cup the air to my ear no recollection of sound too nice to tell me -disappear i don’t want you to go either desperate for seduction a respite from this monotone tapping

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she’s only too eager to please winds around his pleasure he slips through the softness billows -down in two separated conjoined minds submissive and dominant his whispers open her soul magic when it happens and neither can quit the other

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i’m scared how easily i am swallowed in your love passing by your eyes pierce skin burned by rising sun

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