Indy Reads

Indy Reads is a nonprofit bookstore run to support literacy programs for adults and families in Central Marion County and the City of Indianapolis.  This was my first visit and well worth a trip from anywhere in Central Indiana.  Paperbacks are $5.99 and hardbacks are $6.99 and they have rare books for sale as well.  Currently (1/12/2018) they have a complete set, five volumes, of Virginia Woolf’s Diary for $60.00.  And they have a great collection of Poetry….

I ended up purchasing some modern poet’s books I had never read before and whose style I enjoyed by a quick glance.

Nicholas Christopher The Creation of the Night Sky
Carolina Ebeid You Ask Me to Talk About the Interior
Chuck Carlise In One Version of the Story
Catherine Barnett the game of boxes

Indy Reads has a quality children’s book section. Do note the children’s books are not organized in any fashion so you should plan on spending some time looking through the shelves of books.

They have a Facebook page, a website, and always need volunteers.  Oh, not to forget, they enthusiastically support local artists and writers with ongoing programs and opportunities to display works for sale.  If you ever find yourself in Indy, do stop by.

Not going to dirty up my life…

Refuse me -and

my words, you treat them like daggers

homeless thoughts with nowhere to perch

they need rest, a safe place to sleep. Tonight,

my mind in a whirl and only pills can stop the twirl

swallowed with a bottle of Sailor Jerry’s rum -Yum!

regrets in the morning always come!

Still no plan to conquer these thoughts

memories caught. I have pocketfuls

reach in, they grab my hand -won’t release, until

I take one out, massage, breathe in.

Not going to dirty up my life, but I always do

slyly creep into sleep and vanish once again.


Poetry is the very breath of God. In His Words He spoke life into being.
Deep inside each of us something speaks. Listen. Believe.

I rock back and forth in life’s womb
hiding behind lie’s pain.
Love masked by passing shadows.

The home’s walls unstable
I need to find me,
the sky’s clouds, the dirt’s grass.

Anxiety is sorrow’s prison.
Discover life’s joy.
Learn to handle grace in God’s arms.

Celestial Glory

Did you happen to look up to the heavens Sunday evening,
September 8, 2013, shortly after sunset?

Celestial glory

I did, because I knew the Moon and Venus
would be sharing space,
close enough to capture them in the same frame.

I looked up yesterday evening, September 9, 2013, and already they had parted ways.

The Moon is easily recognizable. Venus is the small white dot, to the right of the Moon.

Thanks to fellow bloggers, I am now aware of this weeks significance. It is Suicide Awareness Week, from Sunday, September 8 until Sunday, September 15. I will always remember you, dear brother, even though I no longer see you.

Your smile etched
in the interior,
never erased.
Your hug warmed
the cold wind,
it now penetrates.
Your laughter lifted
me to the moon,
and higher.
You told me not to worry,
you were doing fine.
You were not okay,
you were wrong.
You are

Happy writing,


Mellow out

poems, paintings, and fine wine
they all need time
stand back

don’t POP the cork
too soon and spoil the tuning fork

I admit, I am quite excited anyone reads my poems and other writings. The Poet Laureate, Ted Kooser, has some advice for those who deem themselves poets, and beginning poets in particular. These same thoughts had run through my mind before, but hearing someone else echo similar ideas reassures. Here’s a small rundown:

  • Write, wait, rewrite. During the waiting process, don’t rush ahead. Let the poem become detached until it can fly on its own and then attempt to fine tune.
  • Start a new poem during the interim. Poems do not get jealous (my emphasis here). Or do they? Poems that demand too much attention may need to be put in solitary for bad behavior.
  • There is too much productivity. Now we all can relax. That should help us not to hurry and rush to publish. At least it will for me.

I hope my heart and mind takes this advice. I started to reread the works on my blog. I updated two entries already. I need to organize my categories. Remove tags used. I am embarrassed that I didn’t take my own advice earlier but welcome Mr. Kooser’s today.

Happy writing,