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if i had chance

if i had chance to live again return my age -golden bough outline the breast “i had chosen you” with gentle step and languid kiss poetry to sink my heart graciously held our cup of wicked red scorns our bed had i chosen you.

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yield a brisk start rapid steps -toward pushed forward crashing clang hush subdued Plover approach skitter days -search what’s left behind (Day Three of White Sands)

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Roots (confession)

Church is poetry. Poetry is life. A life well-lived. (I think.)  We all like to believe we are the be-all to end-all solution to the adverse we face.  Complex problems are produced by simple acts gone awry.  Well meaning people get tangled in their desires that eventually overtake all soundness of mind.  We become corrupt…

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i argued with my father a lazy saturday of how the man is taking young men, golden boys, chivalry is dead. War always on the tip of tongues. They use you father i know father You just dont listen to me no more. I’ve gotta go father there’s work to be done. Young boys dying…

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Sunday morning poetry. Church; my words, spoken to me, shared lovingly to and with you. Second chance to make it right every Sunday for a year. Do you see my side? I certainly cannot see yours. Foreign words spun from cottonwood fuzz. A tree circles storing knowledge. Good and evil burning ash covering the world.…

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