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Heading out and feeling guilty…

Life is full. Rapturous. Engaging.

im drug back
to the war zone -death.

Sometimes death frees more than the person gone. Other times it chains hearts to dreams and wishes. And then there is death that haunts forever.

I think our Creator is wrong… love will not save the world. Unless love is required to discipline. Unless love is required to forgive. Unless love is no longer allowed to hate the enemy.

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Frozen Pond Longing

Does it bother -you
or me
the way tinsel hangs
on the tree
or static waves -adjust
cling us
to every thing
and then we discuss?

i wonder where i am going with this poem? It hit me… wham! while brewing the morning coffee. It feels unfinished. Perhaps i do have more planned days ahead… another round of coffee, poured. Another night to contemplate what swims in my head.

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bullshit and bile

In everyone’s “I’m not going to be phony, phoniness… ”

Ah, I just need to gripe to someone.

I can feel the volcanic ash rising. I’ve been burnt… smoldering for years. I need to release the trash compiled… hidden in recesses and crevices and tunnels.

Cut the crap! Get to the point! I leaf through the Sears Catalog, make my Christmas list, and it includes all I missed, being an adult. How did i miss childhood? While being my brother’s mother, my mother smothered me with her tears. I drowned in her fears.

Will i find my happiness in a bankrupt business? Maybe i can get in on that gig? Or rather i should roam the empty streets where dollar bills are strapped to soul-less shoes?

Is an egret an egret
or of another name
first determine nesting habits
and scope out long cafeteria lines
hungry is, as was,
we find
nothing ever satisfies…

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fringe of society

Museum of Fine Art, Boston

their tentacles
are woven
into my brain…
yours too?

how do i know?
i traced the lines
attached to the
train, i rode

into the city
to witness The Art
and the crude

while free-falling
on the fringe of society
and fog

there, i rested
outside of time
in the middle
of a civilization

to witness politicians
destined to eradicate
living species
with second-hand smoke.

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sibling rivalry


what is it you want
from me?
independence or
are we family
or strangers?

what i expect
is foreign to your ideals
my power lost…
or found
as we wrestle
in the tree’s shade

the sun
losing the battle
my growing spirit,
with limbs set
against time

we have… is,
peace amongst
the ties
that bind…

that’s what!