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As if!! (wanderlust)

I don’t need all the anger from either side… so i go my own way. As I dally along, I feel their hot air suffocate my pores. Melt my peace. My mind is more twisted than my intestines these days. So I find a cool place in the shade and breathe out the bullshit and…

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Maybe. Just Maybe.

Kinda ‘fraid to read on days when words bleed off pages… Just being me is a tragedy knowing directions circle flapping wings licking tongues ready to make the kill. So… is there a plan to right the wrong or steep longer in a stew cut-up songs keys askew melodies that don’t belong. Just being me…

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I want to be happy here we just confuse swallow budding thoughts morning fog melts on forked tongue and tendrils climb the bent back I want to be happy here we just refuse the bowl of ripened fruit lick wounds with torn cloth swollen mouth stuffed with lies

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The way to blue easily travailed. The happy path lingers sways a brush of cheek. Through cracks seen distance perched upon dire thoughts direction whisks shooting stars past lost scars. Tails of disaster i carelessly imagine ride the rails. My darkness exists -allowed to push away… i grasp the dangling strings held tight to watch…

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break through

don’t listen to her chaos heart spirals downward cowers in comfort numb fingers touch skin outsiders peering within lewd lips lick her sin notice more than she… rather dark… another spark desperately hoping… i thought he had gone… rampage… i couldn’t sit still flying words swarm me

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Hate on me… i lied

What am i doing here this morning? Did i not say i was gone from WP? Well a thought entered my head after reading a post in a closed group i belong to on FB… and decided to share here as well. So, what is the group? Survivors of Suicide. A group i did not…

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absence in wake

Look. Do you see? This picture of me. Look. I once stood in such a door. My vow to not share. My sacred word. My vagrant thoughts. I break the rules. So am i desperate against myself? I truly want to be alone. Do you believe me? I think not. What will any of this…

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