To be or not to be…

rebaptized? Now there is a heated debate, if there ever was one, of whether to baptize infants, children, or only those who can reasonably know what they are doing? So where did I land and how did I venture into this debate to begin with? Lord, help me… Making a long story short, so I doContinue reading “To be or not to be…”

Set Us Free

Today, I am being reminded that I am bought at a cost. I am broken but not crushed, healed and held close to my Heavenly Father’s heart. In the palm of His Hands He holds me, giving reassurance that I am never forsaken or forgotten. I may travel this world, alone and lonely, but IContinue reading “Set Us Free”

Beginning of life with Christ

Beginning of life with Christ. So you say you’re a new believer… “Whenever you wish to change yourself, but find it difficult, start as children do by pretending that you already are.  As you play at being who you wish to become, the play act itself will surely transform you.” –Cornelius V Wyk Romans 8:28-30Continue reading “Beginning of life with Christ”

Coloring pages…

I still love to color. A fresh box of crayons each September is a treat. My old broken ones are unwrapped, shoved into the oven on an old cookie sheet, to melt and be formed into new crayons. Here are a few of my favorite coloring book webpages. Do not resist what you will enjoy. Her artContinue reading “Coloring pages…”