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i wish
i could say
i understand
rather i drown
beneath this invisible cloak
knit with a double cable stitch
made to keep me warm

i suffer in the humid summer
bit by mosquitoes who crawl through the yarn
shiver, afraid to emerge
ever be seen…
silence takes my voice
and everyone else takes my blood

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her whole body
fits on a dime
turns quietly
the neighborhood
a few times
she knows the signals
obeys the laws
at the end
never bothers to pay respects
to play nice not her game
they were dead
buried alive
to the world a crying shame

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buried in noise

life goes on
except i am not so sure
i wish to say goodbye

or even hello
hell, i want to scream
the mess
i have become
from yesterday
not kinder
or meaner…
i suppose i begin to believe
the lies told to me at bedtime
“go to sleep, shut your eyes”,
the nightmares kept me up most nights

but today -alone
really alone
in a make shift dream
of possibility
you start to believe
you can be and do anything
the dried tears cracked
the salt baked in
no amount of water quenches this death

buried in noise
the scent rises
higher than you’re capable of reaching
you slouch beneath the couch
say a prayer
to the God who has watched you crawl

for eternity.

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are you going?

What lies beneath skin? Is it possible to know another as completely as we would love to know? Should we let others in?

Not every word written these past years has been about suicide or mental health. But woven between the lines are hints at obscure and abstract emotions. Questions interspersed to help me carry on.

No need to know why. Float.

Why put roots as a tree? Sway as the dancing seeds. Perform the red-tailed hawk’s dream.

Go as far as the wind blows.

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some times
we feel a need -urge
you on to share

hidden behind closed doors
secrets hang out open windows
languid tongues swirl
performing circus acts
on bare minds -born again