He was He

I am the lost one
lost from the fold
the fold afraid to love
shaming and callous hearts
tore me to pieces
then He came, brought “Peace!”
upon His feet the creeping earth
never touched His robe
a ghostly body
hid the wounds, emptied the blood
rising above the crested land we inhabit.

I may never have told my story
had not one night
one prayer, one desperate plea
“God where are thee?”
beneath the distant moon, calculating
I lie, broken and bloody
ravaged by heartless flesh
He was the one between
life and death, death I pleaded
take my life that I may cease
the breaths I take too painful.

He could be a figment
my imagination run wild
a child with no grace
desperate for faces to smile
back towards her,
blessings of pardoning love.
Naysayers, I rebuke their scoff
the miles, the tolls
no dollars in my pockets
He bought my ticket to life.
To life!