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Photos taken with Iphone 4s. Turkey Run State Park, Indiana, USA.

Please do not use these photos without asking permission.

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Comfort and Joy

Silence of a frigid, mid-western night
wonder of life
bustling festivities overwhelm the heart
I will remember you in prayer.

Beloved are gone
years ago
come to a semblance of comfort and joy.

Warmth of the hearth
keep the thoughts of home.©


Does it matter

Does it matter
if he made it to heaven?
The road
was long and curves
were sharp. He was thrown off
a cliff or two.
I choose to believe.

I was lost
the woods stark,
the hill high,
awesome beauty cut cold.
I heard the news.
Iced tears
blocking the sparkle of our
His comfort fading.©


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Oh, holy day!
It is better to give
than receive.

A star shines.
Remember me?

Night dawns.
In the distance
you turn to see.

Loved ones
looking to the sky.
What a miracle.

Hearts melt.
You remember me.©