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Forest Floor

Wayward Be: leave no stone unturned  A new blog and a title of a chapbook I am looking to publish as I seriously consider graduate school for an MFA.  I started the new site to keep the poems in one place (the only way I am able to stay organized) but I will share them here, for those who do not want to follow another blog.  It will focus on travels through America and poetry to go along with the photographs.

Forest Floor

I hope you are able to enjoy as much as I like dreaming them as they are considerably light-hearted and breezy.  Happy writing, J


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The flute does sing

my heart a fling

The robin’s come to tweet

Tra la la la la

Three leaves, not four

The song’s joyous score

Good luck the fairies sweet

Tra la la la la la

Trillium, trillium tra la la la la la!

Your dress will twirl

Your bodice unfurl

Tiptoe, travel your feet.

Trillium, trillium tra la la la la la.