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A Gift of Encouragement

I will share a bit of wisdom I gave a very special girl this morning. 

Your beauty is realized because I know, despite your tug-of-war in believing the why and questioning the how of you. Enjoy yourself. Enjoy others even if they cannot recognize your worth. I care but it becomes tough to keep reaching out and make you understand. Don’t fight against your allies. No matter the war, you can win. We both lose if you give in to the lies. 

Take this message as needed. Reach out and not within. Loneliness, an enemy. 

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Reflections this morning even as the afternoon approaches

I sit at my computer for most part of the day. One to check on the wordpress reader (sorry if I miss yours, sometimes there are just too many submissions to read them all), two is to post my two cents worth (hahahaha) and three is to do online university work, finishing my human services/counseling degree. Yes, at an old age, I am changing course. I am reaching out: the downtrodden, the confused and the otherwise loving people who have found brick walls, closed windows and very little hope to hang on.

Seems sad
it is
I am learning.
I kind of did
know this from the beginning.

Talk because I am
I have walked in many people’s shoes
a pair of shoes that belonged to me
one day
when the shoelaces
untied, tripped me up
and sent me flying.

When I finally woke up
I saw what a mess I was.
Everything is rose-colored
until you open your eyes.
What we miss of life
dreaming and hoping and wishing.

Life lets us down
but it also teaches us
wisdom in small things
that matter. People.
all people. not just me.

The reason for evil in the world is that people are not able to tell their stories. Carl Jung

I tell my stories in poems. It is the best way for me to communicate. Being an introvert.

I thought perhaps she was crazy but she was only highly intuitive. Carl Jung

Yes, my words are dark. Yes, my words are encouraging. Yes, my words are down right strange. Perhaps maybe I am crazy, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. I have seen and felt and known life. And life is worth living.